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100 poems, 229 photographs – an update

I've been really busy online lately, trying to get the word out once and for all. I'm looking for the support of (amateur) artists for my 100 poems project and I will definitely design and publish this book next year, one way or another. It will be an official book with an ISBN and it will look great. Period.

I've gotten some great photos from a (still rather small) number of different people. They're mostly landscape photography though and I wanna go for some more variety in the book. And while mysterious trees or breathtaking sunsets fit the topics of Depression and Love really well, they're not exactly sexy. So what I am mostly (but not exclusively!) looking for at the moment are some sensual pictures for my poems about Sex.

I also imagined covering a larger variety of art forms. Photography is amazing, but I also want to use some drawings, paintings, digital art ... you name it.

The motives can be anything from body parts to small objects, portraits, abstract stuff ... just surprise me! There's still plenty of time till the end of 2019. And of course, if you're a photographer and you have amazing landscape pictures – I won't say no to those either. Ideally, I would love to use 100 unique pictures created by 100 unique people from all over the world. That's probably not gonna happen ... but here's to hoping.

Please send me your images. Please tell your friends. And take a look at the rules here:


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