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About G. Smith

Being a strict non-smoker and teetotaler, I've gotten used to facing a certain degree of ... let's call it lack of understanding. We all have things we dislike and we have to find our ways of dealing with them. Sometimes the things we don't like define us more than the ones we do. At least for me that's true.

I'm not the guy who spends his nights at the crowded, smelly bar and I'm not the guy who spends his nights home alone. I'm not interested in "conquering" every woman I meet but I'm far from being shy. I have high moral standards but they might differ from yours. I have faith in God but I mostly keep my religious beliefs to myself. I am a pacifist but I will defend myself (and a small circle of other people) if I have to. Not my country though. And some things about me will probably never change:

I will always hate drugs (including alcohol and anything smokable).
I will always love music (including but certainly not limited to musicals, movie scores, rap, dubstep, rock and pop).

I love writing and designing stuff ... and this is why I created this website. Feel free to enjoy my music and my translations, contact me, maybe cooperate with me in some way or become a fan on Facebook, where I spend a lot of my time.

Over the years, I have realized how strongly some people react to my creations. How my words can touch a stranger on such a deep and personal level, can give hope, form a connection, inspire or amuse. Again and again I'm amazed by the wonderful feedback I get from people all over the world who can relate to my writing and tell me that their days (or lives) just got a little bit better because of me. These great responses are what keeps me going. Getting so personal wasn't the plan ... but then again life usually laughs at your plans.

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I'm not going to bore you with exciting tales about my childhood. Suffice to say I was born in 1986, survived twelve years of scholar education and studied design (as well as some other things) after that. I grew up in Austria and currently live in Vienna. I also spent some time in Sweden. What more is there to say?