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Ever since I was little, writing books has been my dream. I started many but finished few. And those few never saw the (publishing) light of day. I usually give up after around 40 pages and I can barely look at them anymore. I might upload something from my teenage years one day, just to give you an idea.

When I thought of writing, I always primarily thought of novels. I haven't actually published a book yet, but there is this one idea that I would really love to see through. The writing's all done; but that's only half of it. I would love you to be a part of it: 

100 poems about depression, sex and love.

I've been working on this collection of poems for years now and I want to turn them into a beautiful book. It's supposed to be a community project, a collection of images (drawings, photographs ...) from people all over the world. Learn more:

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Song adaptations

Translating songs into a different language (in my case either German or English) is quite a challenge. But it is great fun too! The interesting part is to find the right words and rhymes to make it sound good while still preserving the meaning and feel of the original song. Languages are different. It's not that easily done.

I've been interested in this field of work for several years now, and I've managed to create a few good translations (or adaptations, as I prefer to call them). Here's a selection:

Adam Lambert – Whataya want from me
Was du willst von mir

Boyzone – When you say nothing at all

Was mir dein Schweigen verspricht

Gyllene Tider – Kung av sand

King of sand

Jem – Come on closer

Jetzt und hier

Mel C – I turn to you

Ich komm zu dir

Mozart! – Dich kennen heißt dich lieben

To know you is to love you (Version 1)

To know you is to love you (Version 2)

Peter Cornelius – Segel im Wind

Sail in the breeze 

Boat on the sea

Roxette – Listen to your heart

Lausch tief in dein Herz 

Roxette – You don't understand me

Kannst du's nicht verstehen 

Westlife – You raise me up

Du gibst mir Kraft (Version 1-3) 

Wham! – Last Christmas


If you want me to write an adaptation of your own work or your favorite song, feel free to contact me!

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Subtitling is an area of work that I haven't really found the time to get into yet. I've written the official German subtitles for some of Chris Thompson's (supricky06) videos on YouTube a couple of years ago. I've also written several German subtitles for Shane Dawson, but he never put them online. Too bad!


Other than that, there's nothing much I could mention in this section. I think audio description might be a really fascinating field as well. Would be fun to try that someday.

If you want me to write your subtitles, feel free to contact me.

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Over the last decade or so, I've posted countless short poems on Facebook whenever I felt like writing. Poetry is what got me most of my Facebook fans. It's more or less become my main creative focus. Here is an extensive collection of the better ones. Reading through all of them might take a while.