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2020-07-08: New song Between your legs and in your arms online!


I want to publish a book with 100 of my poems. I've had this idea for a long time and I'm looking for creative people who are willing to support me with a drawing or photograph.  

Read more about my book project.



This page contains some explicit sexual writing as well as some erotic imagery. You have been warned.

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There is a blogging feature on Wix and I might wanna use it from time to time. Not sure yet. 

What would I even be blogging about? Maybe I could write movie reviews. I like those.

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News archive

Is old news still called news?

2020-07-08: New song Between your legs and in your arms online!

2020-05-05: New song What's right for me online!

2020-03-01: New artwork online!

2020-02-15: I updated the poems section again.


2019-10-30: My new website went online! I'll add lots of cool new stuff soon!


2019-10-19: I'm working on a new website. Looking goooood so far.


2019-05-27: New adaptation online!

2018-09-02: New section: Poetry pictures!

2018-04-10: I am now officially looking for pictures for my book!

2018-01-14: Many new poems added!

2017-08-13: New artwork online!

2016-12-31: Updated the poems again!

2016-10-31: My song Sensational is finally online!

2016-09-04: I'm now on Instagram!

2016-06-22: song based on one of my poems!

2015-08-17: New artwork online!

2015-01-10: My new song Hole in me is online!

2014-11-24: New artwork online!

2014-08-11: My new song What I mean is online!

2014-07-04: My song You lied to me with Ravena Frommelt is online!

2014-05-03: No Raisins, Rupert! song Nice is on YouTube!

2014-04-09: My new song Close to home 2 is online!

2014-04-08: My new song Welcome to Madland is online!

2014-04-07: My new song Ask me why is online!

2013-11-08: Just updated my About section.

2013-10-27: New artwork online!

2013-10-18: My new song And I was so alone is online!

2013-08-20: I need your help with my book project!

2013-08-03: My new song 120/80 is online!

2013-07-28: Many new poems online!

2013-06-17: My new song Seven years is online!

2013-06-16: Back from Sweden. Just updated the poems section.

2012-12-14: My song So much more with Ravena Deborah is online!

2012-11-05: My new song Life's not Disneyland is online!

2012-10-27: My new version of Need me here is online!

2012-10-27: I'm also on Soundcloud now.

2012-10-26: Some new poems online.

2012-10-12: My new song LIKE DUST is online!

2012-09-28: My next song may or may not be called "Like dust".

2012-09-23: New artwork online! It's cute!

2012-09-21: There's new stuff on Facebook almost every day!

2012-09-08: New artwork online!

2012-08-24: My new song NAKED FEET is online!

2012-08-23: Some new sensual poems online!

2012-07-27: My new song ZITRONEN is online!

2012-07-24: New artwork online!

2012-07-22: New wallpaper online!

2012-05-08: New artwork online!

2012-04-27: My new song CLOSE TO HOME is online!

2012-04-17: Check out the poems in my Facebook picture gallery!

2012-04-04: I decided to call my fans hatties. Go buy hats!

2012-04-03: New wallpaper in the picture gallery!

2012-01-01: RELAUNCH! Look at this nice black & white website!