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Support for my book – let's talk numbers.

I've talked to lots and lots of people lately, and some of them were really nice! Some were rather rude as well. You just never know what you're gonna get. I stopped trying to predict reactions. It's safe to say they're mixed.

I'm a guy who likes lists and structure, but I started writing one for this project waaay too late. That's a shame because I totally lost track of some people I had conversations with. Since I want this project to be as transparent as possible, I figured I'll let you know exactly where I stand, support-wise. As of today (and based on my current list), these are the numbers:

So far, 12 people have sent me images as well as a correctly signed usage agreement. Those are the ones I can (and will) definitely use in my book.

At least 5 people have sent me something, but there is still a problem with the agreement or their age.

Over 20 people have told me they'd definitely support my book, but haven't sent me anything yet. About 7 of them I know in person, so I'm cautiously optimistic there.

There are around 35 people who said they were interested and would look into it or maybe send me something if they find the time. I'll keep reminding them of it every other week or so ^^

And then there are at least 50 people who I've tried to reach on Instagram but my messages seem to be stuck in the Request folder. Yay. So those obviously don't count, but it annoys me.

So let's do the math here (though I like math as little as the next person). If everyone who said they would or might support this book, sent me their images and usage agreement, I'd have around 70 supporters. I'd say that's enough for a book with 100 poems, because some sent me more than just one amazing image. So I'm hoping that no one's forgotten about me (which of course is completely unrealistic). I've been in touch with some of these people for months, and I wouldn't exactly call myself optimistic there. It's tough. A lot have changed their minds already, for various reasons. And I get it. I can't keep doing this forever though. July 2020 is where I draw the line. I need all submissions by then.

I don't wanna sound too frustrated, because every once in a while, amazing things happen! I'm still having trouble believing that the amazing Loui Jover, who I've been following on Instagram for years, sent me a picture (and signed agreement). I never would have expected that. I'm still kinda awestruck. And what a nice person too! So I'll definitely keep asking amazing people, because you just never know. This is gonna be a good book.

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