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My computer died on me a couple of weeks ago. It was a warranty case and they eventually fixed it for free ... but it left me without a chance to work on my book for about two weeks.

Now the computer is back, but an important application spontaneously decided to stop working and I can't find any fix for that problem. So I'll have to organize my poems and images in a different way, repeating some of the work I've already done. It's one setback after another. And I'm just so damn tired ... I wanna get this done. I wanna finish this book. There's still so much work in front of me and life's really trying its best to keep me from getting to it. I'm exhausted. I know I've been worse, but I also know how it started. I don't wanna go back to a place where I'm not even sure there's gonna be a tomorrow. I need something good again. And soon. Or else I'll take this unfinished book to the grave. That's just not an option. I don't know. Things suck a bit right now.


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